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Think Critically and Creatively to Solve Business Problems

Like my previous post Mindset to Troubleshoot Supply Chain Problems, this post will apply to more than just supply chain management. In that post, I made suggestions for you to strengthen your mental health and resilience, but you still have to apply this resource (your mind) to solve business or personal problems.

With the advent of the Internet and then social media, we are bombarded with information. Unfortunately, our brains are designed to take shortcuts and with a desire for social acceptance that results in potentially devastating errors. The School of Thought International is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason, and understanding. Its focus is to fight misinformation online. However, the same principles apply to thinking critically about the information you are processing for analysis and thinking creatively to come up with solutions for business problems. I recommend that you follow the link above to their website and review their content on logical fallacies, bias, and creative thinking.


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